Jeff King

Co-Founder and CEO

As Co-founder and CEO of PSD Solutions, Jeff directs all of PSD’s day-to-day business operations. He guides PSD to maintain sound business development and strive for success. He applies his extensive experience, expertise and skills in managing PSD’s business and financial dealings. In addition, he also oversees all client relations, in which he supervises the departments of sales, marketing and network team management. Jeff’s financial, business management and marketing capacity at PSD has involved him with every aspect of the company and every one of PSD’s clients, which, in turn, marks him as a notable leader of PSD Solutions.

Jeff has acted as head of many major outside projects, such as: Interim CIO for a publicly held mortgage company and director in a national rollout of business management software for a renowned national company.

Prior to PSD, Jeff founded a consulting firm focused on delivering financial services to middle-market businesses. Jeff is a Certified Public Accountant and has an undergraduate degree in Accounting from Illinois State University.